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OPAL has experience in expert design assistance, project management, installation and testing.
To position ourselves to be in the forefront of our emerging industry, OPAL chose to be a total solutions provider.
A single point of contact for all of your communications and low voltage needs is what separates us from the pack.
By having one point of contact for the above-mentioned OPAL services, many benefits can be achieved. They are as

• Single point of contact for multiple tasks
• Money savings
• Efficiencies in labor and materials
• Better design and installation
• Trained, certified technician
Experience & Training
OPAL  brings an extremely broad range of experience to your facility to meet your needs whenever they may occur. Our employees are trained to work as a team and are experienced professionals in their fields. This expertise comes from design, installation or system evaluation of various types of the abovementioned systems We are constantly looking for methods to keep our technicians up-todate on the latest technology and installation methods. Several «in-house» seminars have been conducted to train them on different products .
Project Management
OPAL provides project management and ongoing supervision throughout the project, preventing potential bottlenecks and utilizing our vast resource network to get the job done right and on time. We can also provide assistance in determining project specifcations.
Engineering Services
OPAL engineering support team will design communications & multimedia, smart technologies systems, audiovisuals, integrated fre & voice alarm and security systems, and specialized solutions. By working closely with you, we will ensure your facilities meet todays needs and tomorrow`s opportunities. Our trained professionals are ready to bring technical expertise to your commercial, industrial and institutional projects.
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Tel: +971 2 6678024
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